The Cricket Monthly

We recently completed an exciting project, which entailed designing an app/e-magazine (for the web and iPad) called The Cricket Monthly. Being the first project of its kind, we quickly learned that designing for print and digital mediums require entirely different considerations. We ended up designing the identity for this monthly publication and over 16 malleable templates, that would later be used as a guide for the designers at ESPN Cricinfo. Templates were designed for different sections such as Essays, Interviews, Photo Story, Infographics, Columns, Analyses and Statistics, to name a few. The magazine has a literary tone and is meant for a serious audience. The brief, thus, was to keep the publication elegant, classical and sophisticated. Type selection became key and was much deliberated over, with attention to minute details. The fonts used are screensmart fonts. The resultant overall design had to be restrained rather than flamboyant, while keeping the various sections of the magazine consistent. To know more about the making of the magazine, click here.