Hazel Karkaria

Somesh Kumar

By Two Design is visual communication design studio setup by Somesh Kumar and Hazel Karkaria and is currently based in Bangalore and Ahmedabad respectively.

We work across media–both print and web and our affinity for illustrations sees us integrating it in a number of projects we take on. Though our repertoire of illustration techniques is slowly expanding, we specialise in stippling, pencil and digital illustrations. We like acquiring new skills and more recently we’ve launched ourselves into the world of lettering and modern calligraphy and we’ve also been trying little GIF animations with our illustrations.

We’ve had some wonderful clients that have allowed us to work on a large variety of projects. This has meant that we’re continually changing, growing and collaborating. However, as a firm at our core we like keeping things simple, executing well and attention to detail.

We would love to hear from you. Write to us on contact@bytwodesign.com.